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The Art of Surrender: The Anointing

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

At first glance, it would appear that the anointing has nothing to do with surrendering, but if you slow it down and look at what’s really being said, it would read: “Walking in power is connected to your surrender.” Now that it makes a little more sense, let’s address it. First off, what’s not being said, here, is that in order to be anointed, initially, you have to surrender; there’s evidence both for and against this premise, biblically, and not the actual point of this piece. The real idea, here, is to understand that in order to BE (currently, presently) anointed, to walk in the power of GOD, to grow and increase in walking in the power of GOD, surrender is a must.

Now, today’s climate has completely convaluded the discussion on the anointing: we call things and people “anointed” that aren’t, and those that are are actually anointed we tend to overlook and dismiss due to a lack of major platform or celebrity backing. We don’t discern; we look at supernatural power through a natural lense, thinking that goosebumps and chills equate to an experience with GOD. Not so. Any theatrics my abilities may encourage or produce mean nothing if those I come in contact with leave my presence in the same (or in a worse) condition. They’re still bound. The anointing destroys the yoke (Isa.10:27). Something isn’t adding up, here.

One of the main misunderstandings about and surrounding Salvation is that the initial surrender is enough. “I gave my life to JESUS and that should be enough. I’m good, now.” Technically, there’s some truth to that: if you were to die in that very moment, yes, you would be great. What’s not considered (or taught) however, is that in the aftermath of that initial surrender, as long as I continue to live, there are more surrenders to be given, more “yes’s” to submit. You see, there’s a work that GOD starts in us, but that you and I have to permit HIM to finish. It’s not automatic. GOD doesn’t force HIS will on any of us, so we have to choose to grow, choose to be better, choose deliverance, choose dying to self that JESUS might live in/with/through us. It may never be my initial choice that GOD anoint me for or in a particular area, but it is absolutely my choice as to whether or not I grow and increase in that anointing, or gain any additional anointings. Growth is a choice, spiritually; not just something that happens like the body is designed to, naturally. I’ve got to say “yes” to the price of being anointed; “yes” to the process. Too many of us don’t walk in the anointing because we’re unwilling to pay… unwilling to wait on GOD. I’m not just “anointed” because somebody poured some oil on me or laid hands on me; I’m also, and more certainly, anointed because I went through what I had to go through the right way. GOD doesn’t just dole out HIS power to those who can’t handle it (what we do once we’ve received that power, however, is completely up to us, which is why we can find ourselves losing the very thing we’ve been blessed with – see Saul). My levels of brokenness, faithfulness, and consistency all have a direct correlation to the amount of anointing GOD can deposit in me because the aforementioned areas all have to do with the level of my surrender. My surrenders. Our surrender is a seed that most assuredly brings forth a harvest.

Consider waving the white flag in more areas in your life so that GOD can empower you in more areas of your life. For HIS Glory. In JESUS’ name. Amen.

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