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The Art of Surrender: Brokenness

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Psa.34:18 The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.

Psa.51:17 The sacrifices of GOD are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O GOD, thou wilt not despise.

There’s something about surrender that attracts GOD; it’s safe to say that surrender has a fragrance, one that draws the Lover to their Loved. Surrender also is an offering; it’s the candle that causes the room to be filled with the presence of GOD. What we must realize, though, is that there is no sacrifice, not the pure sacrifice that GOD requires of us, without brokenness.

Truth be told, being broken can be as harsh as it sounds: discomfort, a tearing down of what was, what made sense, the frustration of trying to use something that won’t produce results that keeps getting stuck and ultimately sticking you. Being broken is not for the faint of heart, which is more than likely one of the two reasons so many of us attempt to avoid it like the plague. The other reason we try to fight being fixed (because all said and done, while the world tries to break us to discard us, GOD tries to break us to shape us and make us whole) is that we don’t see the beauty in it; what we see and what we feel we allow to take precedence over what’s supposed to be. Too often, we fail to see the promise because we won’t look past the process, and so we don’t consider that the beauty of a baked cake is comprised of broken and whipped into shape ingredients.

A broken person is a person GOD can trust; not simply a vessel GOD has to use, but a vessel HE wants and readily can make use of. Brokenness is positioning. Brokenness is a posture. Being broken is a conduit to the power and compassion and creativity of GOD being introduced to the masses, beginning with the few (because brokenness doesn’t require a stage to count it works as an opportunity). And like so many other things in CHRIST JESUS, brokenness has levels and requires a response of us that, once we get or become broken, we work to stay there.

The key to embracing brokenness is to not equate GOD’s purpose to the pain man inflicted. Remember, GOD is not like man, so we cannot afford to treat GOD and HIS plans for us as such. Unfortunately, though, we’ve been so used and so hurt and become so jaded and defensive that we reject brokenness because we can’t control it, not realizing that the enemy is looking for us to remain where we are, which means there are things GOD can’t do in/with/through us, which means there are things GOD can’t bless us with because we’re not growing. GOD’s will has to be the priority, here, and even when we don’t understand and can’t see beyond, trusting that Rom. 8:28 isn’t just cliche is imperative. You see, brokenness will make you check and verify what you say you believe; again, though, if I won’t let GOD break me, have me, then what I say I believe about GOD and HIS will is ultimately proven to be false. Where’s the evidence, the fruit?? Remember, it’s not worship if nothing in you ever bows.

The crushing of the coal allows the diamond to take center stage; what makes you think the crushing of what you’ve known and how you feel won’t, or can’t, produce a beauty that far surpasses?  Brokenness matters.

GOD bless…


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