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A Convo Between Friends…

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hey, quick question for you: what are you doing with your second chance? Now, before you answer, I know that GOD gives us more chances than we deserve as a result of JESUS’ death, burial, and resurrection, but in all actuality, those are mini-chances within the second chance HE’s provided us. So, now, I’ll ask, again: what are you doing with it? Are you using it to make excuses for not being or becoming everything HE purposed you to, citing the fact that HE loves you and died for you as-is? Are you content to believe one thing internally, but never convey or demonstrate it outwardly because “GOD knows my heart”? Are you satisfied with pretending to be a part of HIS Body, as opposed to doing the actual work it takes because it’s more than what your flesh is willing to allow?

Seriously, what are you doing with it?? Are you using it to admit that you didn’t know what you thought you did, like how to love, how to grow, how to forgive? Are you using it to withhold justice from those who need it in its purest form, citing that people get what they deserve, though clearly you haven’t? Are you simply staying the same, refusing to grow, even though GOD has mandated change? Are you using it as a veiled excuse to stay like you instead of becoming like HIM? Are you still treating people with no grace, no mercy, no compassion, or still idolizing your idea of how those work and under what circumstance they should be used? I mean, stop me if I’m saying something that doesn’t resonate or seem applicable.

Are you using this new lease on life to debate its details and merits according to your limited understanding of it, trying to prove yourself more right than the Bible?? Are you entertaining people with what GOD has blessed you with as opposed to feeding HIS sheep? There is a difference, you know?

Are you building up or are you tearing down? Are you helping or are you hurting? Are you not able to help because you’re still hurting?? Are you building bridges or burning them? Can people see CHRIST in you, or do they prefer not to look? Are you an example of what’s possible or what’s not desirable? Are you gathering or are you scattering?? Is GOD being pleased, or are people???

So let me ask, now that you’ve had a chance to think about it: what are you doing with your second chance?? You need to figure out what, and how much, it truly means to you.

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