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"Music is a responsibility," says David Eagles, known musically across Gospel platforms as King David tha Vessel (or KD).


 KD is a music veteran with over thirty years of experience through various vehicles. Born to a family of pianists and choir directors/singers on his father's side of the family, and live musicians on his mother's side of the family, KD has oddly enough yet to learn to play an instrument. However, KD's strength in GOD-given songwriting has enamored his music to those who come in contact with its unique blend of rap and singing. "I write what GOD gives me", he states, matter-of-factly.

The Chicago, IL born and bred artist believes in the priority of what's being performed more importantly matching what's being lived. A faithful member and servant of his local church and community, KD wholly believes in practicing what's being preached. Present-day, that may sound like a formula for anonymity, but KD has experienced what could be considered mildly notable successes, being nominated for a 2009 Rhythm of Gospel award as an individual artist, and then several years later as a 2019 Rhythm of Gospel Award nominee as part of a collaborative work that featured his lead vocals. KD has also enjoyed internet radio success with songs like 2015's Tryna Luv U and 2017's The Well, both enjoying extended plays with audiences both nationally and internationally.

"Always has a great on-time word with scripture to back it up!"

~Precious Keitt~


2019 saw KD release Relationships on The ROCK: #aUNITEProject, a compilation project that featured his first new material since 2018's video single All I Need, but 2020 promises much more content, including the release of his forthcoming full-length project, Surrender Songs, along with both a book and podcast in the works. KD vows to continue to trumpet awareness of the ever-present power of GOD to heal. "The music has to say what GOD intended so it can do what GOD intended, otherwise it's just entertainment and we've got enough of that, already. People need to be whole and I want to help."

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