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What 2017 Taught Me…(Series)

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

That Some Folks’ Color Is More Important Than Their Faith…

Suffice to say, these last couple of years have been chalk full of events and tragedies replete with apathy-arresting shock value. This past year ranks right up there: night club shootings, church shootings, natural disasters, unnatural disasters, you name it. One of the things that has been telling about where a lot of “christians” are and aren’t are this past election and the activities that have followed, and the events involving police brutality that lead up to and have continued since, in particular the incidents involving white officers and black loss of life.

Rather unfortunate is the readiness to drop one’s cross and grab one’s conceal and carry permit and accompanying weapon of choice, or just the adopting of a “Black vs. White” instead of a “sin vs. HIM” mentality. Since there is not one issue that adversely opposes GOD’s will that is not rooted in the supernatural, it’s amazing how quickly we’re ready to slapbox people, places, and things, but we refuse to be aggressors in the spirit; we’d rather fight who the devil is using than the devil, himself.

Now don’t get me wrong, Blacks aren’t the only ones guilty of this, as a lot of white “christians” have for years, and still do, use their alleged faith as a reason to discriminate or prioritize their race, familiarities and related agendas, but what I hate to see is a people feeling as though they can’t possibly be wrong because for so long, they’ve been wronged; it’s the same bogus rhetoric that erroneously states that Black people can’t be racist. Wrong. If racism is sin, and I can sin, I can be racist…no matter what my color is.

End of the day, your color should NEVER be more important than your CHRIST.

#blackvswhite #sin

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