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You Is Kind, You Is Important, Is You Successful??? The CHRISTian Rap (Or Anything Else) Success Met

Success! In one way or another, it’s a word we all desire to be acquainted with.  Because our various fields of expertise are ambiguous, our measurements of success and what it means to be successful will vary, also.  So how do we, as saints of GOD in general and CHRISTian rappers/Urban Music Missionaries in particular, measure success? Welp, that all depends on through what lense we’re peering.  Lets look advanced snapshots, shall we???  Bet…

The Money Magnet: As an artist in any field, who doesn’t desire to make a living off of their gift???!!??  It’s a goal for many, and THE goal for THIS individual, to see change, and we’re not just talking lives…lol.  Believe it or not, there are Gospel artist who are more enamored with their level of compensation than they are with their call.  For too many within The Body, because the world sees it as such, monetization is validation.  The Money Magnet, then, monitors and measures their success in monetary growth.  They crunch the number of paying gigs, CD sales, TV appearances, and merch sales as a means to gauge their growth and impact.  Not bad if you could take it with you.  We should note, too, that there are those that find themselves in this vernacular that didn’t start out there, but see, what had happened was…

The Notorious C.R.G. (CHRISTian Rap Guy): Notoriety happened.  Like we mentioned in our 3 Facts About CHRISTian Rap blog, notoriety can be a beast.  Once you recognize that others recognize you, any absence of abating of humility GUARANTEES a fall, whether it’s fall-off in an area or areas, or straight up fall ala Kirk Franklin.  To this individual, the appearances matter, but about only as much as the name drops.  They long to be mentioned in the same sentences as those either legitimately doing it or those that simply look the part.  This individual will settle for reputation without resume, if they can, but they are not opposed to a resume littered with filler and no actual work experience.  Their “associates” list (see what I did there?) is made up of “Who’s Who” of “What’s What”, but because their relationships are based on need and access, they have very few, if any, true friends who are actually concerned about their development and welfare.  It’s nice to be known,  but it’s better to be respcted…

The Gold Standard (JESUS): Now we begin to address what really matters.  This individual recognizes that at each level of accomplishment, an arrival has still not taken place.  This individual realized that everything they do MUST include and point to THE FATHER, not exclude GOD and point to themselves.  JESUS is the gold standard, not just for ministry, but for life, period.  But because HIS life was HIS ministry (shout when you get that), HIS example is interchangeable.  JESUS left folks different.  Love HIM or hate HIM, they had no choice but to be either internally or externally challenged by HIS work; no choice but to formulate an opinion about HIM.  No matter what they did or said about HIM, HE was not going anywhere.  Folks have no choice but to deal with immutability, even if their idea of dealing with it is trying not to.  What does all of this realistically have to do with success?  With all that JESUS came to do, one of the most important things was to model success for you and I.  HE was a walking blueprint of “how to be successful in serving GOD while trapped in the flesh”.  HE overcame rough circumstances (look at HIS birth); in the eyes of the natural, HE came from nothing.  HIS success, however, resonates so deeply that it’s what accesses redemption for you and I.  Even in HIS CHOOSING to die, HE was successful  in defeating both the odds and the powers that were.  HIS idea of success was GOD glorified and people freed, as a result.

So, what does success look like to you?  Are you feeling unsuccessful because you’re not the one they always call, or your name and pic aren’t always in the flyer?  Still gambling on “love offerings”??  Remember, GOD’s success doesn’t mirror man’s; man’s success mirrors GOD’s.  What did GOD tell Joshua?  (Paraphrasing): if you stick to the script, I’ll be with you like I was with Moses  and you’ll have good success (Josh.1:8).  See what GOD did there?  HE didn’t promise Josh just any success as a result of obedience, HE promised Joshua GOOD success, or GOD success; success that resonates. Success for the CHRISTian rapper (or CHRISTian anything) is incumbent upon Matt.6:33..seeking 1st the KINGdom.  When we try to add the things without or BEFORE seeking the KINGdom, then we trade GOD’s guaranteed, thorough, lasting success for the fleeting, fickle success of man.  Before you measure your success by people (you’ve met), places (you’ve been), or things (you’ve gotten), try and fix your eyes on the success that sits well with Heaven: people chasing the KING.  You help with that?

More ideas on success?  Like this blog?  Love it??  Hate it and want to fight me??? Cool (lol)…hit me below by leaving your comment, to join in the discussion and make your voice heard!

Love y’all! KD Grab your copy of A HEro 4 The Hurting by clicking HERE

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