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What 2017 Taught Me…

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

That some CHRISTians simply refuse to believe JESUS…

Notice I didn’t say “believe IN” but “believe”…there’s a difference.

Don’t get me wrong: compromise is nothing new and certainly nothing new to me, but the rate at which individuals are formulating their own doctrines within alleged Christianity is and should be, alarming, and 2017 was a huge foreshadowing of things to come. Think about it: JESUS is coming back for The Church; not folks scattered about, claiming to know of HIM, but a bride who’s spent intimate time with HIM. So what have “we” done? We’ve told folks they don’t have to GO to a church in order to BE the church; that’s like me telling you that I can be a part of your organization but never attend its meetings or functions, like saying I can call myself an employee of your company, but never show up for work. 

Crazy as it seems, here’s a very simple truth in all of this: if JESUS is the WORD of GOD made manifest, and the WORD says that we’re supposed to go to church and is littered with examples to that end (Heb.10:24 & 25), but we CHOOSE not to comply, we don’t believe GOD like we’d like to believe we do.

If JESUS is LORD over my life, there’s got to be a follow-through on my part. Faith without works is….

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