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3 Facts About CHRISTian Rap

On last week, we delved into 3 Myths About CHRISTian Rap, with a lot of great response and dialogue transporting as a result.  So on this week, we wanted to be sure to cover the flip side of this discussion…

3 Facts About CHRISTian Rap

1. CHRISTian Rap is apostolic in nature.  There are a lot of tools that are specifically of use within The Body strictly for The Body: prayer, worship (the act), confession, decree, etc., but when we look at vehicles like music, and CHRISTian Rap, in particular, you see a vernacular pointedly used for outreach; to build and establish and even reestablish in new and different territories. CHRISTian Rap has not only the ability to speak the language of youth and young adults INSIDE the church, but more poignantly, the language of those OUTSIDE of the church.  It has the unique ability to both keep an ear to the heart of GOD and the heart of the streets, without the risk of coming across as being phony or formulaic.  This vehicle of ministry has its finger on the pulse of this generation and can access areas of community that tradition may not be adept at or given permission to.

2. CHRISTian Rap is an extraordinary tool of communication. Just like there are some things that can be taught that can’t be preached (and vice versa) because the anointing is different, there are also things that can be rapped that can’t be sung (and vice versa) because, again, the anointing is different.  CHRISTian Rap holds the uncanny ability to be able to present in rhythm; to communicate in uniquely timed fashions that can be explicitly specific (not of the profane nature) about its intended purpose.  CHRISTian Rap can bring a point across, because it focuses on a use of words and an execution of verbiage, without the incessant need to leave things implied; it can choose to convey the WORD either verbatim or via revelation, and has the opportinuty to explain it’s points, all to the music.  Because the spirit behind CHRISTian Rap is supposed to be the SPIRIT of GOD, imagine the ability and leverage this administration of biblical principles provides to allow the heart of a LOVing GOD to be shared to a wayward creation!

3. CHRISTian Rap is a threat. Before this genre of music meant something to the powers that be in the natural, there was a groundswell building.  Contrary to popular belief, CHRISTian Rap did not start with groups like. Cross  Movement or LeCrae, but more like groups like Stephen Wiley, Gospel Gangstaz, and even DC Talk.  What we’re witnessing now has been happening in the unseen for years, but could largely be ignored by the secular world because the church, itself, was slow to accept and adapt.  But with the #1 spots on Billboard charts findings themselves occupied by artist who have used CHRISTianity as a platform, and who have begun to realize and maximize the spending power of the CHRISTian dollar, the world has had no choice but to take notice.  Now, athletes that openly profess salvation are using these artist’s music to make entrances to, in every arena from basketball, to baseball, to boxing.  Now these are artist are selling out arenas with bills of their own artist, without the imagined necessity of including a secular artist for the sake of draw.  CHRISTian Rap’s voice is growing.  Herein lies, however, a warning.  The WORD of GOD says woe unto you when all men speak well of you (Luke 6:26).  It may not seem like it, but the invites to participate on secular stages and in secular events can be both a blessing and a curse.  Its our responsibility to not be ignorant of the enemy’s devices because GOD said we aren’t (2 Cor.2:11).  Not only are these opportunities great exposure for the KINGdom to the masses, but they are also an occasion for the enemy to attempt to discredit and besmudge this viable entity.  Remember, satan needs JESUS painted in an unfavorable light, which for him simply means painting CHRIST in a hue that’s contrary to scripture.  We’ve arrived at a place in compromise where the notoriety has become so palpable that some of these same artists who rose to prominence on the wings of The Faith no longer wanting to be identified by that same Faith.  Anything that GOD desires and has purposed, our adversary desires to oppose.  Nothing takes away power and potential like a taint.  Remember, it only takes a little leaven (1 Cor.5:6, Gal.5:9).  In order for us to realize the full power of this threat to the kingdom of darkness, its purity must be fought for and maintained.

Any facts about CHRISTian Rap you’d like to add??? Lets keep the healthy dialogue rolling! It’s about more than just music…love y’all!  KD

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