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Worship and War Rooms

While I must admit that the movie War Room is not only, by far, the best movie I’ve seen this year, but quite possibly one of the best movies I’ve EVER seen, this blog isn’t about the movie, itself, but the premise.  GOD has a penchant for using necessary tools to awaken individuals out of unnecessary slumber and life induced stupors.  Still asleep on company time?  Today’s “worshipper”, who has no idea that they’re at war.  Let me explain…

Somewhere within the infusion of and shift away from the choir wave into our present praise and worship stage, it became en vogue to disavow the power of praise, literally, because everyone wants to be a “worshipper”; we’ve mistaken the appearance during the act of worship for what a life of worship should look like.  And though life is not a literal Facebook (praise GOD), those with a sincere passion for GOD and HIS people are overshadowed, publicly, by those content to either pretend to know GOD or truly, falsely believe they have a measure of relationship with HIM that they simply do not, individuals guilty of this have done so simply for ‘likes’ (sorry, guys, but “deep” doesn’t have a “look”, like neither chills or cheers are an accurate anointing barometer).

Doctrinal statements of absolution are NOTHING if they can’t be confirmed by scripture, and not in bits and pieces, but in entirety.  So, watch this: a life of worship was not intended to be separate from a life of warfare; and not just the personal battles you feel are optional, but warfare for The Body, for the things of GOD.


How dare he!!!

Where’s your Bible proof???!?!

David.  The man of GOD and the man after GOD’s own heart.    Thanks for asking.

Why was David such a man after GOD’s own heart?  Why does the WORD of GOD go out of IT’s way to make us aware of this?  David worshipped and he warred: he worshipped IN the will of GOD so that he could war FOR the will of GOD.  Did y’all get that??  Man, I wish I could preach this!!

Listen! How do you become passionate about the things that are important to someone else???  By getting to know them, spending time with them, becoming enthralled with them, then walking away like you’ve been with them.  Worship.  This is a life of worship that includes acts of worship; not acts of worship attempting to pass for or as a life of worship.  David fought hard for GOD because he was IN LOVE WITH HIM! Contrary to what the world tells you, you don’t fall in love from a distance; that’s lust!  You caught feelings from LOOKING!  Stop it!  Falling in love requires FACE TIME.  INTIMACY.  If worship is nothing else, it’s intimate; the act of worship is most intimate when the life of worship is.

So tie this up and out a bow on it?  You bet.  Kim Davis, a woman other so-called CHRISTians persecuted for taking a stance we ALL should be willing to take, is a worshipper.  No, she didn’t take a stage, intentionally mimic Beyonce or some other secular singer, cry, snot, and want us to believe she’s been in the presence of GOD; she warred, publicly, willing to display her worship to a nation.  Worship and warfare.  Daniel of lion’s den fame?  Guilty of the same thing.  His buddies Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego?  Guilty of the same.  Now, see, here’s where too many “worshippers” get separated (and exposed): things go on, on a national and international level, and we know what GOD is saying about them, but we don’t want to say what GOD has already said and risk persecution and isolation from the world (which we’re supposed to already be separate from, duh!!!), so we just want to sing songs, and talk about a perverted love, which points to a perverted faith, which offers the world a watered down WORD, and attempts to present an impotent GOD.  Domino.

Before I wrap this, I’ll pose this question to you: if worship means to ascribe worth, to affix a cost of what I’m willing to pay, what I’m willing to render and surrender, and GOD, WHO I claim to ‘worship with all of me’ isn’t worth my voice in song AND in speech; if I get quiet when the world is watching so that there’s no evidence that I’ve been with JESUS, if I’m unwilling to take an unmovable stance in and on the will of GOD, how much of a worshipper am I, really???  Worshippers war, plain and simple.  To that end, every worshipper should have a war room, and every war room should produce vehement, passionate worshippers; we should never attempt to separate the two.  And just like coffee, no one drinks their tea lukewarm.

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Love y’all!  KD

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