Who is GOD to you?

A Word from the WORD

Yea, they turned back and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel.   Psa.78:41

Who is GOD to you?  What does HE look like?  To whom or what do you compare HIM?  Is GOD in your life only equivalent to your last failed relationship?  Is your relationship with the LORD reflective of your relationship with your parents or relatives?  Is GOD to you just another someone in your life or someone trying to gain entrance into your life?  Unfortunately, because of hurts and experiences that we are as of yet unhealed from, we relegate GOD to ‘outsider’ status in our lives and make HIM simply a part of our lives and not our lives themselves.  If you’re not experiencing the GOD you’ve read about in the Bible, the GOD you often times hear others talk about, then perhaps that has somewhat to do with the limits you’ve placed on HIM by looking at GOD and HIS WORD and HIS commandments through tainted eyes.  GOD is not only as good as we see ourselves; HE’s much better than that and when we see HIM in that proper light, we not only remove limits off of HIS ability to move in our lives, we also begin to see ourselves as HE sees us, therefore maximizing and realizing what would have otherwise remained mere potential.  GOD isn’t like man; HE’s GOD, and HE deserves more from us, starting with our trust.  I encourage you today to allow GOD to be more to you than your past or your present situation might be.  Take the limits off of GOD through your trust in HIM and obedience to HIM; HE never disappoints.  GOD bless!


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