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The Dilemma of Division

Psalms  86:11  Teach me thy way, O LORD; I will walk in thy truth: unite my heart to fear thy name. Amos  3:3  Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

Division. It’s the elephant in so many rooms, these days; not simply because no one wants to really address it, but because it’s being chosen and at the same time, ignored. The funny thing about division, though, and why we miss taking care of it or even desiring to, is that we point to the fruit of it and rarely deal with the root of it that’s buried deep below. Division doesn’t start when one person disagrees with another, when one doctrine doesn’t appear to be congruent to or in support of another, or when people with relationship part ways as when Paul and Silas did in the book of Acts; division is a matter of the heart: it’s a personal issue.

In a day and time where people are so adamantly seeking inclusion and tolerance, not just from man, but from GOD, it becomes clearer to see how we can have so much separation in the name of converging. Agendas are personal, and because ambition is intoxicating, often hidden. You may not know that you’re not on the same page with someone else you thought you were until the fire falls and lines are openly drawn in the sand. I use the word openly, here, because again, division doesn’t happen the moment you see it; everything happens in the spiritual realm, first, before it manifests for the natural senses to indulge in. That argument was there long before it happened because the seed of that preference was planted when you weren’t watching.

What’s the big deal? Isn’t it ok to disagree? Shouldn’t we be allowed to have our differences? Well, in some instances, yes. But in a setting and culture where we’ve been called to be alike, ala CHRISTianity (1 Cor.1:10), nah, not so much. In households that are supposed to be serving CHRIST, division is paralyzing because it keeps the home from moving forward and ultimately, causes that home to crumble (Mark 3:25). Division in the OT kept the entire camp from moving because Miriam thought it funny to come against Moses’ African bride, thereby coming against him (Numbers 12). And to be clear, it’s never about a person being right, but GOD being sovereign, so if we don’t agree with HIM, HE’d like to address that issue with us, as well (Phi.3:7-16).

Again, the problem with division isn’t just the division; it’s where it starts…where it resides. When our hearts are divided, so are our motives and commitments. But what’s important to remember, here, is that we don’t fix division dealing with the ‘what’s’ divided, but the ‘why’ it is; we keep trying to hack at the fruit and the tree simply continues to reproduce because the roots are still deep and being fed. In order to truly make moves and advance and enlarge, we’ve got to get on the same page: not yours or mine, but GOD’s. Unity, also a matter of the heart, will cause us to experience what GOD considers as beautiful (Psa.133).

In order for the parts to come together, the heart has to. Check out the prayer Psa.86:11, mentioned above, and remember division has a root: lay the axe to it. Not being a part is keeping you from being a part. Selah.

GOD bless,


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