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Whats N a Healing?

Everything reproduces after its own kind.

Apple seeds produce apple trees that bear more apples.  Whatever is planted is what comes up; what’s sown is what’s harvested.  It’s part of the reason alcoholics breed alcoholics, save the mercy of GOD.  Curses (generational) are seeds that when nurtured, intentionally or not, bring forth fruit.  By the same token, hurt seeds bring forth hurt that, when unchecked and allowed to fester, hurts others.  Though there’s more than one type of hurting, GOD has assured us that there’s also more than one type of healing.  Wounds are and can be wide ranging, and so healings, or being made whole, have to run that same gamut.

“Well, I’m in need of healing; how do I get that?” Great question!  For starters, let’s make this clear: regardless the vehicle, healing comes from GOD, so if HE doesn’t do it, it won’t be done.  It’s important to note this because too many (as opposed to “so” many) look to the doctor, look to pills, look to herbs, look to time, rather than looking to the GOD that created them all.  Where you’re looking has a lot to do with finding what you’re looking for.

Below you’ll find a few other things that we pray will bless you, but this, by no means, is an exhaustive listing.  It will, however, include vital elements that will set your table to feast on this particular promise from GOD…

Faith: (Heb.11:6) This is simple: if you don’t believe you can, that you will be healed, you won’t be.

Desire: (Psa.107:9) How badly do you want it??  Some folks have become so uncomfortably comfortable in their condition that they’ve stopped wanting what GOD has promised.  You cannot afford for THIS to be YOU.

Time & Season: (Ecc.3:1) As difficult as this is for some of us to understand, GOD does what HE wants, when HE wants.  Our job?  Be ready.  Because we’re not always aware of exactly how GOD is going to come, we don’t want to be found unprepared, looking the wrong way, when our season has arrived and our healing is presented.  In that moment, forget what it’s been like; GOD knows that, already.  Our job, again, is to focus on what things are supposed to be like, even if our memory of that condition is vague, at best, or it’s simply something we haven’t experienced at all…yet.  By faith.

Knowledge: (Col.1:9) In so many of the healings JESUS performed during HIS earthly ministry, the recipients all learned something either before the healing was performed, during the healing process, or in the aftermath of receiving their healing.  GOD is big on our knowing certain things, and in the case of being made whole, the knowledge we gain goes a long way towards keeping us that way.  Learn your SAVIOR, learn your adversary, and learn what’s either at the root of your infirmity or preventing you from being rid of it.  Knowledge.  You need to be “in the know”.

Humility: (James 4:6) Besides faith, this is, probably, the most important.  In the Bible, healings (and deliverances, for that matter) were often the fruit of brokenness, presented on a plate of desperation; folks willing to do anything because they’d tried everything only to realize they could do nothing.  Let’s look at the woman with the issue of blood (Luke 8:43-48).  This was a woman who had tried everything, with every shot looking to be that one she would bank it all on.  Now, to be clear, simple desperation and humility are NOT one in the same; there are a lot prideful people who are “desperate”.  Addicts are desperate.  Lust is desperate.  This woman was broken, with enough strength, and more importantly faith, to muster one last try at this.  She was determined, forsaking the threat of being embarrassed, potentially made fun of and exiled.  With all she’d been through, she still believed she could be whole, even if she could not vividly remember what being whole felt like.  She still believed healing was hers, even if she didn’t know when, where or how.  On the contrary, some people refuse to break, and so they remain broken.  Even though GOD promises healing, HE doesn’t owe it.  Sorry; lengthy, but necessary.  Not only do we receive not because we ask not, but we also receive not because we don’t ask the right way.  Humble yourself.  Haven’t you been through enough, already??  Gone dip (Naman).

Again, this is not an exhaustive collection, not a step-by-step manual; it is simply a grouping of important ingredients that without, the bread of healing won’t be tasted.  It’s our prayer that something here not only resonates with you, but stirs the waters in your life and causes a breakthrough towards the manifested promise of GOD to make you whole; to heal your body and not just sedate it, to reveal and remove the source of your tears and not just wipe them.  It’s good to gain relief, but it’s divine to gain release.  May whatever’s been holding you back withhold you, and withhold from you, no longer, in JESUS’ name.  Amen.

GOD bless.  Be healed.

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