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Coming Out…

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

It’s amazing at how taken aback Christians in this dispensation can still be when hinted at evil is unveiled or revealed; the sad part being that for all the supernatural beliefs and usages we espouse and swear our allegiances to, we’ve become willfully ignorant to the signs that are both naturally exposed and spiritually discerned. I’m convinced by the HOLY GHOST that we gasp at certain things for two reasons: 1) we don’t read our Bibles enough to know what GOD said would transpire in these days and times, and 2) we put in stock in things being what they say they are, especially people…especially when those people profess Christianity.

Just here, recently, an alleged CHH artist has “come out” as being homosexual, and it’s disturbing on a number of fronts, but not surprising one bit. Disturbing because of both the selfish nature of the artist in their proclamation and defiance, as well as in the response by other professing Christians. Now, we used the term alleged to describe this artist’s genre categorization because it’s in question. Listen, there is no template for what the modern-day CHRISTian should look like in terms of appearance from an external standpoint: life without, outside of, and before CHRIST is hard; things happen and go on that we can end up wearing the results of for a long time, even when those things no longer define or negatively contribute to who we are. But it is absolutely problematic when we’ve decided to champion our modern-day Believer as someone who curses, smokes, drinks, churches occasionally, falls down just as much, yet makes dope art and is culturally relevant (used very loosely, here). This same artist is well-known for some of the above, but we’ve continued our support of him misguidedly: first under the guise of the “love of JESUS” and secondly, and more damning, we want someone to look like and do all those things and still have “relationship” with GOD because we covet the same thing. The issue?? This looks NOTHING like JESUS!!! Now, we’re not talking outward appearance, we’re talking character…fruit. But now we have to be concerned about fans of and those influenced by this artist wondering whether or not it’s ok to smoke, drink, curse, and be a homosexual…and still be a Christian??? (Side note: sadly, we’ve made someone “struggling” with sin a more appealing Christian than someone who’s been delivered from sin, citing the relatability to the former while cynically dismissing the latter, treating such as an anomaly or mirage. Sin is to be overcome, not tranquilized, under which circumstance it can “come to” at any given moment. If sin isn’t to be beat, so that my identity no longer lies in being a “sinner”, then what victory did JESUS come that I might have? If sin is death’s prelude, what life did JESUS come that I might have?? Deliverance is only funny to those who don’t realize they’re in need of it. Another conversation for another time…)

Long of the short, there’s no such thing as a homosexual CHRISTian; it’s an oxymoron. Subsequently, there’s no such thing a CHRISTian in favor of homosexuality. Again, an oxymoron. When we promote such beliefs, we don’t want the JESUS of the Bible, we want the JESUS who’s an idol; an imaginary figure that we’ve created out of both our convenience and lack of conviction. Sorry guys, but this JESUS does not exist. What I hate that has been done to the church as it pertains to homosexuality, in particular, is that the agenda has tried to back us into an “all or nothing” corner: you either love us and tolerate us or you hate us and are hypocrites, at the very least. Let’s make something very clear, here: hatred of sin is not hatred of people; subsequently, loving people is not at all applauding, high-fiving or enabling their bondage. We grossly neglect and misinterpret important aspects of GOD’s character when we perceive either of these views oppositely. Sin separates. Creates voids. Births destruction and ultimately death. A just GOD can’t stand for things that are contrary to WHO HE is and who, through HIS SON JESUS CHRIST, HE has given us the ability to be. We can’t excuse our flesh or anyone else’s who professes to know GOD…to serve HIM…to love HIM.

So much will be said over these next few days, and many conversations will be had without the benefit of understanding, Grace, compassion, or earnest contention. And because self is the drink of the day, too many trains of thought will depart their respective stations driven by opinion as opposed to scripture. That being said, I’m coming out. I’m coming out with a stance backed and substantiated by the WORD of GOD, the ultimate authority in the affairs of men. I’m coming out with a stance backed by the true Church, those who’ve bought in to life in CHRIST at their own varying cost, not relying on HIS finished work to be the only cost accredited to their account (HE got you in, but YOU’ve got to pay to stay and grow). I’m coming out with a stance that says loving GOD means often rebuking people when their wrong and helping to rebuild them to be strong. I’m coming out on a stance that says being quiet can often be as sinful and grievous as saying the wrong thing. I’m coming out with a stance that says feelings are just as dangerous as actions because a little leaven leavens the whole lump. I’m coming out with a stance that says that homosexuality is a sin, just like lying, fornicating, stealing, gossiping, etc. I’m coming out with a stance that says GOD loves everybody, but takes issue with ways that don’t line up with HIS, and responds accordingly. I’m coming out with a stance that says that the CHRISTian role-model should be JESUS, no matter where you’re from or what you’ve done. I’m coming out with a stance that says judgment isn’t just for those who commit the wrong, but for those who agree with it by either vouching for it or looking the other way. I’m coming out with a stance that says it’s possible to love people and not love or validate what they do; if you really love them, you’d call them on it.


I’m out, like every Believer should be.

Love Y’all…

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