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What I Taught 2017…

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

That I won’t throw away Faith in favor of feelings…

Just because you don’t show emotions doesn’t mean you’re not feeling them, and 2017 surely presented things that would ask me to indulge in the full gamut: from being unemployed to having no income to being behind on EVERY bill to the physical and emotional attacks to the appearance of and the actuality of being alone on some things, this year wanted to see what I would do…how I would respond. 

Praise GOD I went into this year with a firm grasp on Faith: both what it is and what it looks like to walk in it. This type of Faith doesn’t come easy, as it is the result of failing and missing GOD, at times, some years ago in order to understand the importance of getting back up, getting back, and making the necessary adjustments to position yourself to see what GOD has said. The process is supposed to refine the approach, and I’m grateful for the growth that comes as a result of not flinching; you’ve got to be able to stare some things down and not move. What those things don’t realize, though, is that while they’re staring at you, you’re staring at GOD…on the other side of it. 

GOD refined and affirmed my Faith in 2017, and because of that, I was able to teach the year that I’m not moving; if it’s not what GOD said, not what I prayed for, I’m refusing. 

Resources doesn’t make Faith; Faith makes resources. That’s how you KNOW it’s real.

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