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The LOVE of God

A Word from the WORD…

Why trimmest thou thy way to seek love? therefore hast thou also taught the wicked ones thy ways.   Jer.2:33

CHRISTians have access to one of the greatest, if not the greatest, resources known to mankind, in either the natural or supernatural realms: the unconditional love of GOD through JESUS CHRIST.  Why would we cut corners in following the WORD of GOD simply to gain acceptance from the world and the things of the world that we unfortunately still hold dear in areas of our lives?  When we try to live saved while still holding on to who we used to be prior to salvation, it puts us in a position where we’re outside of the will of GOD and where we make salvation look and appear to others, especially those that are unsaved, as something that it’s not.  We handcuff GOD from being able to do what HIS WORD says HE’ll do, when we do our part, when we lack consistency or try to live saved any other way besides HIS.  The world did not give you your beauty; stop compromising yourself to share it with those who do not appreciate it.  The world did not give you your gifts and talents; stop compromising yourself for the pats on the back and compliments that only last for as long as you’re able to do what people want.  The real love, the real acceptance, the real ‘come as you are’, can only be found in relationship with JESUS.  Seek HIS love through studying and living HIS WORD.  While others will let you down, HE will never fail you.  GOD bless!


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