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The Art of CHRISTianity

Artists want to introduce others to their art; it’s their expression and usually an outlet and accurate reflection of perhaps a deeper reveal than what’s normally acknowledged or appreciated about them.  CHRISTians want, more than anything, to introduce others to their GOD; the very source of their being and everything they are and aren’t.

So what does this mean for the CHRISTian artist?  The introduction to GOD should trump everything.  If we LOVE GOD, then we should LIVE GOD, which is why being called or referred to as a CHRISTian artist should not be an issue, because CHRISTian is not just something you do, but it’s something you are.

Now, my gifts and talent are an expression of my relationship with GOD and how I’ve changed as a result.  This should pour out of my music, ooze out in my writing, spill out of my artwork; THIS is my LIFE.  If, as a CHRISTian, I’m pointing anyone to anything other than JESUS, I’m doing it wrong.

Dope art can be inspiring.  Dope gospel art can be life-changing.  Inspiration only goes so far and lasts so long.  We were created for HIS glory; EVERYTHING we do should revolve around that.

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Love y’all…KD

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