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LOVE Limits…

LOVE is patient, LOVE is kind, LOVE is conditional…wait, what???!!!

LOVE, the GOD-type, seems to be one of the biggest misunderstood entities in life, and in Salvation, as well. We tend to rely on and filter through our idea of love, taught and learned through a myriad of experiences, both good and bad. The problem with this? It becomes how we measure and equate, and so anything that doesn’t line up with what our learned idea of what love is gets disregarded and disavowed. Man’s love, sold over-the-counter complete with expiration dates and times, comes with a set of strings for every relationship. The LOVE of GOD, by contrast, is confusing to so many because it goes against EVERYTHING that make sense…according to the natural. GOD’s LOVE has no starting point and most importantly, and heroically, no ending point. There is no limit to HIS LOVE; even though we can do things to frustrate the Grace we’ve received and/or the mercy we’ve been extended, GOD NEVER stops loving us. So then, my question to you guys is this: how, or maybe even why, have we, who have been and continue to be recipients of GOD’s unfailing, unlimited LOVE decided to put limits on OUR love???

You might foolishly, and pridefully, retort, “Well, you did say it was MY love, didn’t you???”  Few issues here: 1) When you gave your life to CHRIST, what was “yours” you came to an understanding isn’t yours anymore: everything you have and are belongs to JESUS, including your heart and what you do or don’t do with it. 2) My priority as a Born-again, Bible-believing CHRISTian, is GOD’s will, which is for me other people. What I want, and think or feel, for that matter, are to no longer take precedence.

It’s completely unfair of us to have a cutoff marker as to things our love will only go so far as; if we have these, it means we’re not quite mature in our walk with the LORD, and that there is a multitude of things we’re missing out on because we’re unwilling to live, and LOVE, sacrificially (Rom.12:1). Your love shouldn’t start when someone fulfills some imaginary requirement you hold, nor should it stop when they fail to do so. Understand this about LOVE: it’s the active ingredient to your Faith (Gal.5:6). If your love is broken, your Faith is inoperable. If you’re not operating by Faith, you’re operating in sin (Rom.14:23).

So consider the LOVE you’ve received before you consider the love you’re willing to take away: the LOVE you got was nailed for you, died for you, rose for you; that’s the LOVE we’re expected to exhibit and walk in, in return. It won’t always be comfortable, loving those who’ve done us wrong, who we feel don’t love us back, but it’s always a sign of growing up in the LORD and an assured precursor to the blessing that comes as a result of suffering as a CHRISTian (1 Pet.4:14-19). Like so many things in CHRISTianity, LOVE doesn’t just happen, like happiness doesn’t just occur, like victory isn’t simply an event: these things are a choice; regardless of situation or circumstance, you have them once you’ve chosen to; possession requires intent. Be intentional.

Because GOD so LOVEd us, we’re supposed to LOVE others so; any LOVE stashed is a love that doesn’t exist, which is a reason why 1 Cor.13 refers to LOVE as charity, or LOVE given away. And if out of fear or misguided logic, you feel as though you can’t agree with it all, remember what’s required of you (Matt.22:36-40); you can LOVE everyONE without loving everyTHING.

Take the limits off; it will bless YOU just as much as it will bless them.



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