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Updated: Jul 24, 2020

You know, Grace is a funny thing; it’s the one thing that SO MANY have been recipients of, yet SO MANY refuse to give it in return. That’s right: I said refuse. Whether it’s out of the general type of ignorance or the willful kind, a people who have been gifted the access to discern things that lie beneath the surface have been content to accept what we’re handed at face-value as actual value, ignoring the fact no matter how egregious the snapshot, there’s usually more to the picture. Giving Grace, as well as receiving it, is a choice.

The thing we so readily forget about Grace is that it’s not for those who DESERVE it; that’s what makes it Grace…it’s unmerited. So when John 1 talks about giving Grace for Grace, it’s reminding us that we’re to GIVE Grace because we’ve been GIVEN Grace. We don’t understand this principle, usually because we don’t equate the evil that sin is to wrongs we’ve committed against GOD and others, but to the wrongs we feel have been committed against us.

Grace is for those who have a relationship with the LORD JESUS, no matter how dusty and/or outdated. This is to say that, conversely, sinners can not receive Grace, unless they’re getting Saved. However, a sinner who’s wronged you deserves to receive mercy as a result of the Grace that’s on your life as a saint of GOD, which also means that a saint who may have wronged you deserves Grace because as a saint of GOD, even though they may have sinned in their infraction, that does not, necessarily, make them a sinner. Understand? Either way, we need to give whomever the same space to grow and improve that we needed; that we may STILL need.

People need chances to learn, to get better, mature, evolve. We don’t get to put a cap on these opportunities, nor do we get to place a time frame on when these transformations take place or how long it should take to do so. Our job is to do the JESUS thing and get out of the way so that JESUS can do the JESUS thing. Our job is NOT to try and change them into what GOD says they should be, but our job is to show them, and GOD, that we’re willing to see them the same way HE does, and encourage and challenge them to that destination. Nothing does that quite like Grace, given consistently and in no shortage.

Growth, once we get to a certain stage, has to be a choice. So does giving the Grace to do so. You’d want it done for you. Go on, give a little.

GOD bless…


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