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How To Train Your Spouse in 1 Hour…

Pray.  For an hour.

You’ll have already shut down more than half of things that you can’t control by bringing under subjection the one person you can control: YOU.

YOU will have been in the presence of GOD.  YOU will have allowed the SPIRIT of GOD to be stirred up in YOU. YOU will have been intentional in crucifying YOUR flesh and the affections thereof.  YOU will have put your tongue in check and gained a perspective you didn’t have before.  No, you don’t pray the entire hour ABOUT them, but you do spend time during that hour praying FOR them.  Big difference.

You see, when we spend more time complaining about others, we’re NOT spending that same precious time examining ourselves and how WE can get better.  Those who are more interested in pointing out the flaws of others inevitably STAY flawed themselves for failing to realize that it’s not always someone else’s fault.  Responsibility reaps a reward because you can not take possession of what you will not own, for better and for worse.  Time spent in the presence of the LORD helps us to see them, and ourselves, in the way HE does, and reminds us of our ever-present need to give, and receive, Grace.

So while you may not actually be able to “train” your spouse, and certainly not in one hour, you are able to train YOUR heart for them one hour, one prayer, one sacrifice at a time.

Meditation/Execution: 1 Pet.3:1-7            Matt.7:3-5

GOD bless!

From the forthcoming book “The Situational: A Devotional Devoted to Situations©”

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