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Keeping Grace >

You know, Grace is a funny thing; it’s the one thing that SO MANY have been recipients of, yet SO MANY refuse to give it in return. That’s right: I said refuse. Whether it’s out of the general type...

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I hate that people try to make standing in unity out to be a sign of weakness, as if to imply that, “You weren’t strong enough to stand on your own, so you had to go and become a...

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It’s Here! A UNITEDProject

It’s Here!!! Few things in life hold the remote distinction of being both blissful, and stressful, as opening up and sharing one’s heart; it’s at these moments where we’re both invincible and vulnerable. What we can never allow to...

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Hearts Are Fragile Things.

Not each one will come with a “Handle With Care” disclaimer, not openly or legibly readable most times, but they should. They’re delicate. The center of everything. When pure, they see GOD and the endless possibilities that exist because...

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