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Interestingly enough, we live in a society, today, that will acknowledge value in one thing, yet actually pursue something else; people will admit that there’s a prestige and feeling of accomplishment that comes with owning a home, but many...

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Keeping Grace >

You know, Grace is a funny thing; it’s the one thing that SO MANY have been recipients of, yet SO MANY refuse to give it in return. That’s right: I said refuse. Whether it’s out of the general type...

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I hate that people try to make standing in unity out to be a sign of weakness, as if to imply that, “You weren’t strong enough to stand on your own, so you had to go and become a...

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It’s Here! A UNITEDProject

It’s Here!!! Few things in life hold the remote distinction of being both blissful, and stressful, as opening up and sharing one’s heart; it’s at these moments where we’re both invincible and vulnerable. What we can never allow to...

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