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“Being used by people is limiting; being used by GOD is limitless. I trust the ONE WHO created me to lead me to create; that’s what creates change.”

King David tha Vessel


What 2017 Taught Me…(Series)

That Some Folks’ Color Is More Important Than Their Faith… Suffice to say, these last couple of years have been chalk full of events and tragedies replete¬†with apathy-arresting shock value. This past year ranks right up there: night club shootings, church shootings, natural disasters, unnatural disasters, you name it. One of the things that has […]

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What 2017 Taught Me…

That some CHRISTians simply refuse to believe¬†JESUS… Notice I didn’t say “believe IN” but “believe”…there’s a difference. Don’t get me wrong: compromise is nothing new and certainly nothing new to me, but the rate at which individuals are formulating their own doctrines within alleged Christianity is, and should be, alarming, and 2017 was a huge […]

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What I Taught 2017…

That I won’t throw away Faith in favor of feelings… Just because you don’t show emotions doesn’t mean you’re not feeling them, and 2017 surely presented things that would ask me to indulge in the full gamut: from being unemployed, to having no income, to being behind on EVERY bill, to the physical and emotional […]

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What I Taught 2017…

What I Taught 2017… That Compromise is NOT The New “Sold Out”… This isn’t a new message for me, but one that gained strength this past year. To think that so many people are content to give GOD their Cain, but still want to believe that HE’s Abel, is heartbreaking, to say the least, but […]

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