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Here and Now...

It's important to be present.

Today's climate is tempting to the well-intentioned and self-perceived solid rocks (the folks who thought they were "strong enough" until now) to check out, so imagine what these times are doing to the hypochondriac, the self-medicator and the general escapist, all with their own way of wilfully disappearing.

Don't take the bait. What the enemy doesn't want you to know, or remember, is that strength is gained from going through, not deviating from the path that features what looks to be an immoveable, unconquerable Goliath. Those stones that penetrate and take the life from your attacker are made upmof the promises of GOD, but they don't work if you don't sling 'em.

What many of us fail to realize is that the war rages on whether those on the battlefield have chosen to fight or not; don't choose a side, a side is chosen for you. It'd be a shame to get lumped in with the adversary simply for not intentionally choosing the side of right. But that, choosing right, choosing victory, takes being engaged, involved, present. As the WORD of GOD says, it is high time to awake out of our sleep. You haven't seen what lies on the other side of the fight. The spoils of war are sweet because the cost of the war is precious. Don't lose hope, lose the fear: GOD didn't give you that.

Be present. Be here. Right now.

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