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#Forever is NOW!!!

So....turns out next is now. I've always been big on Kingdom Building and advancement, and one if the dopest ways to do that is sharing the gift of song with another artist and then to the listener. Blessed and honored to have Sacramento, CA's own Samona on board for the first official single to be released from the full length project Practicing Forever (more info to follow on that). This song is just a glimpse of what this album will present, which serves as a reminder to daily invest into your eternity. The single #Forever is available across all digital platforms and also available here at Drop me a line and share your thoughts. Let's keep the conversation going and keep our First Love in HIS proper place. I love and appreciate each of you.



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Verse of the Day...

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Just thinking... unfortunate it is that before individuals know their worth, they're #TeamJESUS, but as soon as someone comes along and afixes a value to what they're capable of, they become #TeamForgetJESUS. H


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