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Seek Another Man’s Wealth

A Word from the WORD…

Let no man seek his own, but every man another’s wealth.   I Cor.10:24

I think we’ve forgotten, in our pursuit of gaining all we can from GOD, that the best way to get is to give.  Now, we don’t advocate giving just to get, because the motive in sowing is just as important as the seed itself, and GOD is not mocked (Gal.6:7).  It seems, though, that the quickest way to get wealthy, spiritually, naturally, or in any other resource, is by making sure that someone else is rich.  When the WORD tells us to ‘seek’ another man’s wealth, that word ‘seek’ means that I need to look for opportunities to bless someone else.  If we take on a ‘let’s get rich’ mindset rather than an ‘I’ll get first and then give’ mentality, how much more productive would the entire Body be and thereby the earth.  GOD has set it up so that as I’m seeking to benefit and blessing of others, someone is seeking the same for me, so that no one is lacking.  If love seeks not her own (I Cor.13:5), then a true measure of love is my putting the welfare of others before my own.  When our desire becomes wanting all that GOD has for others and helping them to achieve that with no thought of self, then we will see the abundance of GOD coming from places we never imagined.  Seek someone else’s today before seeking your own, no matter what your need may be, and watch GOD bless you!  Let’s get rich together!  GOD bless!