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It’s Here! A UNITEDProject

It’s Here!!!

Few things in life hold the remote distinction of being both blissful, and stressful, as opening up and sharing one’s heart; it’s at these moments where we’re both invincible and vulnerable. What we can never allow to dampen or stop us from these big reveals is the uncertainty of the response we’ll receive from those on the listening end is the fact that those on the listening end are the ones who may be benefitted from hearing our heart just as much as we are by sharing it; this exchange has to happen.

That being said, today we launch out into the deep with a fresh sound and something different than what many are used to from me. This is the beginning of sharing my heart with you. I pray it blesses you. There’s much more to follow.

A Heart UNITED To Worship…A #UNITEProject is now available for $8.99. Click here to purchase now



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