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The Gas Money Tour – January 27th in Dayton!

The Gas Money Tour is the brainchild of one of my closest brothers in the LORD, Anthony ‘Tony WHOA!” Wallace, who due to the what is now problematic disconnect between artists and churches, ministers and venues, monies and motives, was moved upon by the HOLY GHOST to offer a solution to the issue of quality vs. quantity, ministry vs. entertainment. It was Tony’s GOD-given goal to make sure that artists with pure hearts and KINGdom minds could easily, and feasibly connect with ministries and churches that were of the same, thereby building relationships and advancing the will of GOD. This is the Gas Money Tour’s second stint in 3 years, and with no signs of slowing down, the Tour looks be a model of cost-effective engaging of both congregation and community. Our motto: “You provide the gas, we provide the ministry!”. Churches don’t need to get raked over the coals, and those who’ve been sent need to have their horizons broadened outside of the local church within which they serve. Please continue to keep this tour in your prayers as we continue to follow the leading of GOD and HIS HOLY SPIRIT and bring JESUS to cities and states near YOU!!!

For info on how to book The Gas Money Tour, please e-mail: info@5theyemusic





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