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All Hail Tha King


Over two years ago, myself along with a few of the individuals I’ve come to trust the most musically and ministerially, came together under what was initially a different premise.  The LORD have given me a REALLY concrete vision of putting a tour together, and these were the individuals who’d be involved.  We talked about the purpose, our goals, execution, our show.  In the process, we realized that we needed music comprised of us in our new entirety, and not just from anything we’d done previously that included each other.  I met with Rodney “RJ” Young, like he and I would do from time to time, to discuss more of the tour layout, but also an idea the LORD had given me for a signature song.  RJ worked on the track, we put together the arrangement, everyone wrote their part, and we pinned it, and it changed us.
In this season, while the focus of the secular world is on everything BUT JESUS, and out of this season, with the church desperately in need of an abandoning of self-worship fueled by feelings, let us remember why we acknowledge this time, why our lives are not supposed to be what they were; it’s because of The KING.  Along with Nikeya Young, Brother 3, and Shannae Young, with production by Rodney “RJ” Young, it is my pleasure present Tha KING to you.  All Hail.