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King David tha Vessel

Music is quite the powerful tool. Actually, this is quite the understatement. We’ve seen, throughout time, the importance of music as a backdrop for every moment and movement, from biblical times to this present age. One thing that has not changed, though often debated, is music’s purpose. Created by GOD, for GOD, music has always been intended as a direct way for GOD to communicate with HIS people, and for people to be able to communicate with GOD. Music is for worship. Music is for relationship expressions. Music is a vehicle for ministry as it can, in ways more effectively at times, convey GOD’s heart and mind in a manner that words alone can often fail to do. And with all of the voices in the world today, singing and saying what they want, mankind stands in need of distinct voices saying what GOD is saying and singing what GOD is singing. King David tha Vessel is one of those voices.

Born and bred on the south side of Chicago, King David, or KD, has been a staple in the city’s music scene, and more importantly the Christian Rap community, for years. Releasing his first solo project in 2007 (In SO many WorDz), KD has worked with a number of groups looking to foster unity and advancement through this powerful musical vehicle. Since that initial release, KD has spent extensive time ministering live throughout the city and beyond, opening for such renowned artists as Mary Mary, Thi’sl, Da T.R.U.T.H., while performing with a host of other local and national artists and respected musicians. KD is a worshipper; his ministry combines rap and song with a pointed purpose to not leave you simply with a well-rounded performance, but to leave you with an impression of GOD that you may not have come with. KD is big on mentoring other artists to help them maximize their potential for ministry both on and off the mic.

Most recently, the last two years have seen KD reintroducing himself to his core audience, while adding to that audience with the release of two free mixtapes, LOVE Letters To Tha Lost and LOVE Letters To Tha Lost & Found, projects that saw KD sharpen his skill and delivery while delivering the same potent message and ministry that those who are familiar with KD have come to expect. 2015 will see KD drop his first full-length studio project in nearly eight years with the release of his highly anticipated A HERO 4 Tha Hurting, a unique collection of heartfelt songs perfect for the times we presently live in. KD understands both the responsibility and opportunity he has: “This ministry isn’t mine, so I make sure to treat it as such.” Be watching and listening for King David tha Vessel this year and for years to come!